Whole Foods Spice Crusted Bone-in Standing Rib Roast

It’s no secret that I spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. I make it a point to cook dinner at home at least 5 nights a week, that way I can splurge on the weekends or go out for an impromptu happy hour and not feel so bad about it. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the importance of cooking at home, and how not only does it save a ton of money, but I actually enjoy the task of putting a meal together. It feels less like a chore, and more of an adventure every time I get to play with a new recipe!
But, as much as I love to get creative in the kitchen and make everything from scratch, sometimes it’s a little easier (& more cost efficient!) to already have it all done for you!

A few weeks ago to celebrate the birth of our Christmas Tree (lol), we had my brother and his girlfriend over the house for a little sunday evening football watching. It was the weekend after Thanksgiving, and not only were we waaaay turkey’d out, but I had spent so much time in the kitchen the days leading up, I wanted nothing to do with cooking. Enter; Whole Foods catering, also known around these parts as my secret dinner party throwing weapon.

I placed my order online a couple of days beforehand (we already knew that they would be coming over that Sunday!), and headed into my Whole Foods the morning of to pick it all up. I traveled around the store to each station (i.e to the butcher for my meat, to the prepared foods section for everything else, etc) and each item came out packaged and ready to go! Everything besides the rib roast had already been prepared, so all I had to do was pop it in the oven once the meat was cooked and we were ready to get this mini dinner party started.

On the menu:

– 1 Spice Crusted Bone-in Standing Rib Roast
– Mac & Cheese
– Sauteed Green Beans
– Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
– Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts
– Vegetable Platter + jalapeno hummus (amazing!)

So basically, food for 8, when really, there was only 4 of us.

Hey — I told you it was right after Thanksgiving. Our stomachs had e x p a n d e d, okay?

After getting home and putting all of the prepared foods away, I opened up the rib roast that I watched the butcher prep in front of me, and was ready to take this baby on! Full disclosure, I’m not a red meat eater, so not only had I not a clue as to what I was looking at, I couldn’t even tell you the first thing about cooking a rib roast.

Or really any roast, for that matter.

The roast didn’t come with cooking instructions, but with a little youtube search and *just 1* mental breakdown, I was able to find a super easy way of tackling this baybay!
Basically, you crank your oven to 375 and roast this beauty for just about 2 hours (or until a meat thermometer reads 160 degrees.) Allow meat to rest untouched for 10 minutes, then cut off the butchers twine and carve away! I had to hand the knife over to my boyfriend to do the carving since I didn’t want to screw it up, but result was this GORGEOUS (awesomely crispy), perfectly cooked bone-in standing rib roast.

Now, let me preface this next statement with that my brother is the biggest carnivore on this planet. He loves his steak, and he eats it often. Needless to say, the man knows meat, and that man said it was the best rib roast he has ever had.
While I’d love to take full credit for this (whaaaat with having to put the meat on a pan and open & close the oven a few times), it was because of how perfectly seasoned and proportioned the meat was is what made it unstoppable. That’s allll thanks to the awesome Whole Foods butcher who prepped it up for me, and nothing to do with my 5-star skill in reheating the potatoes in the microwave while the meat rested.
Joking! They went in the oven! (which btw, those were a m a z i n g too)

So would I use Whole Foods catering again? Absolutely freaking yes. Not only did everyone enjoy the meat, all of the other prepared foods that we picked up were outstanding. The maple roasted brussel sprouts were out of this world, and I could live off of the fingerling potatoes. A few minutes in a hot oven and everything heated beautifully!
I wanted to fill you guys in that this service is always available at Whole Foods (because I didn’t know that!), and also because it’s holiday party CRUNCH TIME — and if you decided to throw a last minute shindig, I highly recommend using Whole Foods catering for all of your food! That way, not only is the hard part done for you, you’ll actually be able to SIT DOWN at your own party instead of being a slave to the kitchen. 
Putting our meal together was almost too easy, to the point that I thought no way can it taste good, but the second we all took a bite of our food we all had the same reaction.
“I can’t believe how good this is.”

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