What’s the worst that can happen?


Hey, you.

I hope you’re in the mood to chat, because I’m in the mood to talk. However, make no mistake, I’m writing this with purpose — I’m writing this to ask you one simple question:

What’s the worst that can happen?

What’s the worst that can happen if you do something outside of your comfort zone? What’s the worst that can happen if you wake up in the morning and decide to wear the white jeans after labor day or the dress you’ve already decided “does not look good on me.” What’s the worst that can happen if you choose to eat the full-fat yogurt vs the low-fat kind? What’s the worst that can happen if your stomach is growling and you actually eat? What’s the worst that can happen when you listen to your body and give it everything it needs?

No, really. What’s the worst that can happen?

The worst that can happen is you’ll learn a new trade or a new skill or maybe even discover a strength about yourself that you never knew you possessed. The worst that can happen is you will wear those white jeans after Labor Day, and you’ll rock the shit out of them. That dress? It’ll hang on your body like any other dress of the past because that’s all it is. It’s just a dress.

The worst that can happen is you’ll probably feel guilty for choosing the “less healthy” option, but right now, you’ll probably feel guilty for choosing anything. Those feelings will eventually pass, and then they’ll come back, and then they’ll pass again, but only after torturing your brain for a few hours, of course.

The worst that can happen is your body will do backflips of joy at how well it’s being treated, and that may seem intolerable to you because your mind is telling you the completely opposite, but don’t listen.

The worst that can happen is that you’ll feel full and upset and out of control, but you’ll keep on pushing and doing these things because at some point you’ll be proud that you’re still pushing and doing these things. At some point those feelings will be nothing more than a whisper, a whisper that quickly gets shoveled into the NOT TODAY SATAN filing cabinet that you keep tabs on in your brand.

I’m writing this to remind you that some days may be harder than others, and some days you may feel like you’re losing it altogether. Some days you’ll wake up and feel like your strength to fight just isn’t worth it. Some days you’ll wake up and wonder why you’re even trying at all.

Some days you’ll stumble across a blog and read exactly what it is that you needed to hear, and that’s why I’m writing this.

I’m writing this to let you know that you deserve everything out of life. I’m writing this to let you know that you deserve late night phone calls with friends who have moved away and hours of conversation with people you find interesting. You deserve to travel, to explore, to have a family. You deserve to see each day for what it is, and not let anything else dictate that. You deserve a life free from restriction, a life free from rules and rituals. You deserve spontaneity, a second slice of apple pie, and lazy Sunday nights at home with someone you love. You deserve to get excited over the little things in life, over your small victories, and over the fact that amazing stuff like waterproof mascara exists.

No matter what you’ve said and done, no matter what you’ve said and didn’t do. No matter the amount of times you’ve tried and failed. No matter what anybody has written you off as or given up on you, your body doesn’t deserve to bear the brunt of the pain that you carry on your shoulders. The body was designed to be cared for, to be looked after, and to be loved by it’s driver. It was designed to be strong, to be flexible, to help you create beautiful things.

So… what’s the worst that can happen when you allow yourself to enjoy everything about life?

Ask yourself that — and then do the scary thing that you’re afraid of anyway — because the worst that can happen can only happen if you let it, and one day you’ll see that that’s actually not the worst thing that can happen.


Not at all.

x mel


6 thoughts on “What’s the worst that can happen?

  1. I love everything about this, Too often we find ourselves worrying about things that, in the grand scheme of things is so minuscule that it shouldn’t even be a thought in our minds let alone a fear in our hearts. I have my own anxieties, depression and unhealthy relationship to food which i too am trying to recover from and as hard as it is, the pride i feel for doing something right for my body is beyond the feeling any food or form of self-deprecation gives me. I think it is so important to share and spread awareness because even though it is a lot more widely accepted, there are still so many people who are suffering and have no idea how common it is or how much help is available to them now. Thank you for sharing and encouraging others to take care of themselves because we all deserve the utmost of happiness


    • Thank you so much for your comment Kristy! You’re absolutely right that it’s way too often we worry about things that really DO NOT MATTER, and tend to neglect the things that do. I’m SO HAPPY that you have decided to try and recover from your unhealthy relationship with food, as that truly is the first step to genuine food freedom. Always remember that you’re not alone, and I’m rooting for you every step of the way! ❤

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      • Thank you so much for your reply gorgeous. Please know that I am rooting for you too!!! I wrote a blogpost last year about YouTubers/bloggers who inspire me and you are one of them. Your success and your genuine kindness are something I will always strive for and no matter what I will support you! I wish you all the very best in your own personal recovery and we can do this girl! You and me we got this!

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      • I would absolutely love to see your blogpost if you still have it!! Thank you so much for including me in it. You and I got this by THE BALLS my friend, and don’t EVER hesitate to message me if you feel like you’re struggling extra hard one day and need to talk it out with someone who understands completely. Numbers don’t rule our worlds, we do! ❤️❤️

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      • Girl you have no idea how much that means to me. Yes I still have it, I’ll send you the link on Twitter and tag you so you can see it ♥️ I have been documenting my progress on instagram which helps with accountability and it is helping as there are lots of ladies who are very encouraging but there are definitely days where I don’t post at all because I’m ashamed of how bad my I have eaten that day. Thank you so so much for all your encouragement and support. Being able to chat to you even for this small amount of time has honestly made me so incredibly happy!!! You are such a kind and genuine person and that is why I have gravitated towards you. The world needs more people like that.


      • That would mean the absolute word to me if you read my blogpost!! And thank you for taking the time out of your day to chat to me. You have absolutely made my day and I’m so grateful for your kindness and offer to chat ♥️ I hope you are doing well. We can smash these goals 100% I will tag you in a tweet with the link for my blogpost so you can read it when you have some free time. I really hope you like it ♥️


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