In an age of standing up for global equality, I would be a complete fraud if I didn’t also acknowledge the upcoming approach of March 14th, otherwise known as “Steak & BJ Day” thanks to a bunch of 12 year-old boys with easy access to Urban Dictionary *In fact, before we get any further into this post, lets just all agree right now to change the name to Valenman’s Day instead of what we’re working with now. K? KAY! Glad we’re on the same page with things.Fast forward to us as a society (sort of) making strides towards getting past our sexist steak & bj joke days, I think the idea of honoring our partner the way they honored us on Valentine’s Day ain’t that bad of a thing.

Now now, I already know what your perfectly manicured fingers are getting ready to message me with, so hold on bbygirl.

Hear me out —

I’m someone who believes that Valentine’s Day is for both of you. I don’t buy into the notion that it’s “just a female holiday” and that men should be expected to buy us flowers and chocolates and pizza and cater to our demand while we sit back and watch The Bachelor in our old college sweatpants. Quite personally, I aspire to reach that optimum way of living on a daily-basis at some point in my life, so I don’t really need a holiday to do experience that.  Instead, I think it’s a great idea to view Valentine’s Day as just day to love each other a little bit extra. Do that one special thing that the two of you LOVE doing together, and fully enjoy each others company without any outside distraction. That’s what Valentine’s Day SHOULD be.


It’s nice to think that way, and while I genuinely do, in the end, Valentine’s Day more often than not always ends up becoming my day, not our day. My man gets me the flowers, he gets me the chocolates – my man does it all. I’ll usually bake him cookies, or grab a box of his favorite candy, but ultimately it does always end up becoming more about me.

So kill me, but,  I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all to have a day where we flip the script and spoil our partner the way that they did for us. I know that for me, my guy works his a$$ off every single day, so he deserves a little extra umph from me for a day, just like he gave me a little bit extra on February 14th.

Right right, okay, Mel, weren’t you going to give us an idea or should I just leave now? 

I ramble! I’m sorry! Accept me for who I am!

Sooo, is your guy obsessed with sports just as much as my guy is? Doubtful, because my boyfriend is a fucking lunatic sometimes when it comes to his teams, but, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you more than likely also live with one of these said lunatics.

I discovered Fanchest recently, and knew immediately that I had to blog about it for Valenman’s Day. Basically, they sell curated boxes packed with sports related products and gear like beanie hats, travel mugs, t-shirts, backpacks, etc.

For example, my boyfriend is a huge NY Giants fan, but me going into a Dicks Sporting Goods trying to pick out a jersey or a hat or whatever — it’s a disaster. Having something that’s already put together (which btw — for really REALLY cheap $$ considering sports memorabilia is always so freaking expensive) is life saving. Discovering them in time for Valenman’s Day was like striking gold, because the boxes sort of remind of a play on a bouquet of roses. They’re an arrangement of their own, so it totally stuck out to me as a great gift idea for our manzZz this coming VM-day.

Check em’ out and let me know if you pick one up for your boo!! xx
*this post contains affiliate links, however it is not being sponsored by the brand.


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