How I’m Learning To Love Myself

melrose health warrior beauty begins within

After years and years of practicing intermittent fasting, I never thought that I would ever be able to intuitively eat on my own again. I had, for the most part, trained my body into only eating at night, so I can focus on the million other tasks that I had to accomplish that day, and in turn, led myself down a very dark path of learning to “re-train” my body to feel hunger cues again. It was an intense battle, because at the time not only was I struggling with the crippling mental hell of a disorder, now I was also suffering from the physical effects of it. I couldn’t feel hungry before 6PM no matter how hard I tried. If I ate “past my eating window” I’d be certifiably depressed the entire next day, and overcompensate for my “mistake” by restricting to barely nothing on top of spending hours at the gym.


I was harming my body in an attempt to remain in control of my life, which in hindsight, couldn’t have been more of a counterintuitive lifestyle. Yes I controlled what I put into my body. Yes I controlled what time I put it there. Yes I controlled just how many calories I burned that day,  and no, I wouldn’t accept anything less.


I, by definition, had lost my damn mind.

And it’d be a long while until I found it again. In fact, I still haven’t fully found it all back yet, which begs me to ask:


Did I ever really, fully have it all to begin with?


melrose health warrior beauty begins within


In June of 2017 I wrote this article about Health Warrior, and how I had just recently discovered the brand. I learned of them after talking to a nutritionist friend of mine, who told me how great they would be to incorporate into my diet. Looking back, I realize I probably just looked so sickly ill at the time, perhaps she just wanted to lend some friendly advice. Whatever the case may be, I immediately picked up a box.

Close to 1 year later, I’m working with the brand to introduce you to their newest campaign, Beauty Begins Within.  I’ll be diving a bit deeper into my past struggles with food and body image over these next few weeks, so I’ll save the nitty gritty for another day. Today, I want to talk about something GREAT, and that great thing just so happens to be empowering young girls to be strong, smart, and brave.


Soooo, ya know — kind of some cool stuff.

melrose health warrior beauty begins within

In collaboration with justBOBBI’s Bobbi Brown, Health Warrior created the worlds most beautiful bar, a Dragon Fruit Chia Bar, that’s packed with Omega-3’s, protein, fiber, calcium, AND (not to mention…) keeps you looking HOT AS HELL due to it’s ability to help promote glowy skin, healthy hair, anti-aging properties, as well as stronger nails!



Even cooler news? We want to get you in on the action, OF COURSE! TWO of you, to be exact! 😉


Head to my Instagram account to enter for a chance to win a:


All rules/regulations are listed on the Instagram photo itself. 🙂


melrose eating disorder health warrior beauty begins within


Now, more than ever, women are finally speaking out and taking back what’s theirs. Equality, respect, more opportunity — us as women never needed to find our voices – we had them all along – we needed to find the courage to shout those voices from the rooftops.

But now we have.


And now there’s no stopping us.


melrose health warrior beauty begins within

If you believe beauty begins within and want to help inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold you can purchase the exclusive Dragon Fruit Chia Bar by Health Warrior and justBOBBI’s Bobbi Brown where 100% of the profits benefit Girls Inc.



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