How To Get A PERFECTLY WHITE SMILE for under $20


If our eyes are the doorway to our soul, then our smile is most definitely the billboard. It’s one of the first things most people notice on a person, and also one of the most naturally telling facial reactions that us as human beings can perform. Your smile tells a million stories with the flash of just one simple grin, so why not get that billboard  looking as shiny as you can??


Oh, right. Money….


Did you know that getting decent dental work done basically cost the same amount of money as a yacht these days? Like, we’re talking thousands upon thousands of dollars dedicated to your pearly whites, and unfortunately, insurance doesn’t cover the cost of recovering from drinking copious amounts of red wine and coffee.


But who were we to know? We were the same people locked in our bathrooms tweezing our eyebrows to barely nothing, so it’s safe to say that we weren’t as keen to prevention back then as we are now.



However, your girl Mel right here has got your back. I’d like to introduce you to my secret weapon — the plus white 5 minute speed whitening system. I found this product at CVS many, many, MANY years ago. I was working with a “teenager who worked part-time at a pizzeria” salary, so anything that promised to whiten my teeth for less than $20 sounded like something worth giving a shot.


The product itself seems kind of gimmicky, but I swear it’s not! This shit works, and it works exactly as promised. I see results after 1 use, and continue to see even better results if I remember to stay on top of it. In a good week, I’ll use this on my teeth for 5-10 minutes about 2-3 times per week. That’s probably more times than recommended, I’m not sure, but this routine works perfectly for me, and I never once thought about getting my teeth professionally whitened ever again after implementing it.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I still go through times when I forget to use the stuff for weeks on end, but once I start again, I immediately remember why I love it so much.


Which led us here. Please pick this product up the next time you’re at a CVS, a Target, a Walgreens, or any other drugstore that carries it. I promise you will love it!


xx Mel


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