3 Simple Ways To Live A Happier Life

“This guide isn’t meant to be a work of literature art. This guide is meant to be a positive pocket pal that you take with you everywhere that you go. It’s meant to be given the 5 minutes that you spend on the subway each day, or the few moments that you wait on line while getting coffee. It’s the essay that you read over and over and over again, especially on particularly hard days, or the one that you skim over right before you make a big speech. It’s meant to be kept as your secret confidence-boosting weapon that you pull out on a moments notice. It’s meant to make you feel motivated, to thrive, to go out there and kick fucking ass. It’s not meant to change your life or to make the New York Times Bestseller’s list. Take what you want from it and leave the rest behind. Sometimes all we need in life is the simple reminder that we’ll be okay, and I hope that these few thoughts of mine are able to offer you that comfort. “